I dunno if you’ve noticed, but sometime over last Summer… I THINK, I started formatting my comics vertically rather than horizontally. I noticed a lot newer webcomics doing this and after a bit of thought and some caaaasual research, it seemed like a good idea considering most people read comics on their smart phones. Back when smart phones were getting popular, I assumed people would turn their phones or tablets on their side to read comics in landscape. But I think peeps are way more into reading their comics in portrait, which means vertical comics make more sense.  I miss the old horizontal format probably because it’s how I read comics in the paper, so it FEELS like “comics” to me. But I try super hard not to get stuck in my ways about shit as things change. Anyway, wanted to get your opinion if you care to share. Do you dig the current format or do you miss the old one? I am in the middle of redesigning my site to work better for mobile and to just look better in general, but I am basing the new design around my comics being vertical. Lemme know what you think in the comment section below. THHHAAAAANNNNNKS.