Remember back when you would put your NES game in the console and when you powered on the screen would just flash? But, when you blew in the cartridge, you literally would breathe life in to the game for at least one more play? Well, Vee and I had the same cell phone for the last couple years and one day hers wouldn’t keep a charge unless she held the cord tight. She finally had to give up and get a different phone when it stopped taking a charge altogether. Mine survived until recently when the same problems started to arise. I was about to give up when I remembered that little trick that kept Donkey Kong Jr. working for all those years. I blew in to the end of the charger chord and in to the bottom of my phone and now I think I can stretch the life of my phone a little further. Maybe I can get Vee’s working again and have a spare battery too. Who says you can’t learn from video games?