Feb 13Wear a clean shirt.
Feb 14Love can be confusing and frightening.
Feb 15Remember to put down the toilet seat.
Feb 16Ask before taking a beer.
Feb 17That special girl.
Feb 18The first date.
Feb 19Where to meet chicks.
Feb 20Pirate jokes.
Feb 21Where’s my ukulele?
Feb 22A hell of a good laugh.
Feb 23Men’s room small talk.
Feb 24A bad feeling.
Feb 25The agony of monday.
Feb 26Tattoo.
Feb 27Two wrongs.
Feb 28Serious dating.
Feb 29One night stand.
Mar 1Sexy alien.
Mar 3Dinner with friends.
Mar 4Blind date.
Mar 6Wearing a headset.
Mar 7Life is a gamble.
Mar 8Email surveys.
Mar 10Shitty Mondays.
Mar 11Bubble pipes.
Apr 3Ladies first.
Apr 10Seniors and Stoners.
Apr 12Lazy genies.
Apr 14Worse than Monday.
Apr 15Skydive training.
Apr 17Milk carton.
Apr 30Tidy up.
May 8Well thought out.
May 22Cheating death.
May 25Cologne.
May 30Smart ass.
Jul 21Timing.
Jul 23Too literal.
Aug 4Drink your sorrows away.
Aug 5Stop talking.
Aug 6Let’s make a pact.
Aug 7Don’t forget the breath mints.
Aug 11Play with myself.
Aug 13Conserve.
Aug 15Take matters into your own hands.
Aug 18Backup plan.
Aug 20Patient with patients.
Aug 22Be careful who you bribe.
Aug 25Women can be deceiving.
Aug 27Tell them with a cake.
Aug 29My sense of humor.
Sep 1Ask her about the details first.
Sep 3The friends that really get you.
Sep 8A new phone.
Sep 11No note #1.
Sep 12Waiting in line.
Sep 15Sometimes things just work out in the end.
Sep 18Best friend knife.
Sep 19The bright side.
Sep 22Don’t die, grandpa.
Sep 26Optimism.
Sep 27Silence.
Sep 29Freebird.
Oct 1Shellfish and Puns.
Oct 3What happens in Vegas. . .
Oct 6Clown college.
Oct 8The end is near.
Oct 13You can’t please everyone.
Oct 17Magic brownies.
Oct 27The power of prayer.
Oct 29Patience is a virtue.
Nov 7Noteless extravaganza part 2!
Nov 9Space camp sucks.
Nov 11Blowing technique.
Nov 15Better left unanswered.
Nov 18Disappointing results.
Nov 19Some people never change.
Nov 23Some people never change #2.
Nov 25Don’t hang out with burnouts.
Nov 29You can always sell your body.
Dec 1A little exercise.
Dec 3Ouija
Dec 17Dont Believe Everything You Hear


Jan 19No Note #3.
Jan 21Kill em’ with kindness.
Jan 23Don’t make a statement you can’t stand behind.
Jan 27Be Sensitive.
Jan 29Never tell a woman. . .
Jan 31Depressed.
Feb 9Bloody.
Feb 11How could you?
Feb 13Rorschach.
Feb 16The future is now.
Feb 22Poker.
Feb 23Acceptance speech.
Feb 25Ash Wednesday.
Mar 1Rolled a 7.
Mar 3New Shoes.
Mar 4What could it be?
Mar 5Stork season.
Mar 6Healthy foods.
Mar 9Daffodils.
Mar 11To the very end.
Mar 15Superhero.
Mar 17Pot o’ gold.
Mar 21Stranded.
Mar 23Lemonade.
Mar 26channelATE Shorts: Grampa
Mar 28SHould you be driving?
Mar 30Always measure twice.
Apr 1It’s not kinky.
Apr 6Stan.
Apr 9Superman.
Apr 10Just a Week Ago.
Apr 12Easter.
Apr 13Theoretically impossible.
Apr 17He may be gone.
Apr 20Should have known.
Apr 22Who is she, Ned?
Apr 24I got your back.
Apr 27Make a wish.
Apr 29Buddy, yer on.
May 4Super powers.
May 6A ruined fantasy.
May 8Surprise party.
May 11Hey, I was thinking. . .
May 13What’s that?
May 18Watermelon.
May 20The good doctor.
May 22Parachute.
May 25Oh, look at him.
May 27In your sock drawer.
Jun 1Happy birthday to me.
Jun 3Secret ingredient.
Jun 8The toaster.
Jun 10The craziest.
Jun 15Use caution.
Jun 17Stop fighting.
Jun 18Forced retirement.
Jun 19Old vine zinfandel.
Jun 20Happy Father’s Day, probably.
Jun 22Do you realize?
Jun 23Keep the blade sharp.
Jun 24Marriage is compromise.
Jun 25Tornadoes Pt1.
Jun 26Tornadoes Pt2.
Jun 29Bean bag.
Jun 30Stork Season Animation.
Jul 1Buried treasure.
Jul 2It takes a strong man. . .
Jul 3Bang.
Jul 7Ain’t big enough.
Jul 8My roommate, Stu.
Jul 10This new fantasy.
Jul 15Man of the house.
Jul 16Whiskey sour.
Jul 20You and I are over.
Jul 21Lucky tie.
Jul 22Gimme all yer money.
Jul 23Sure, why not?
Jul 24Poetically Unemployed.
Jul 27I’m cured.
Jul 28Divorce.
Jul 30Did you ask your father?
Aug 1Drinking and cooking.
Aug 3Flying.
Aug 5Scary monster mixer.
Aug 7I refuse to fire you.
Aug 8Receipt.
Aug 10Jippers.
Aug 17Using only his mind.
Aug 19Swordfish.
Aug 20Do you love me?
Aug 23Off to college.
Aug 24I’m pregnant.
Aug 25The adults are conversing.
Aug 26Writer’s block.
Aug 28So, you’ll help us?
Aug 31Under my roof.
Sep 2I’ll see what I can do, man.
Sep 6Pukey pukey.
Sep 10My first husband.
Sep 11Can I abduct you?
Sep 14Can I abduct you? pt2
Sep 15Game show.
Sep 16Baby bears.
Sep 17Come on, talk to me.
Sep 18Study.
Sep 23Bullies.
Sep 24In an Urn. . .
Sep 25The Will.
Sep 29Don’t do this.
Sep 30A bright future.
Oct 1Stop wasting your money.
Oct 2Trial medication.
Oct 5Old-Man!
Oct 14Political success.
Oct 21Alien visitation.
Oct 22Space camp sucks: Pt 2
Oct 27Table for three.
Oct 28Bwanky.
Oct 30What should we do, ouija?
Nov 3Midnight snack.
Nov 5This movie sucks.
Nov 9True story.
Nov 11Nag.
Nov 16I’m so sorry, Paul.
Nov 18A mugging.
Nov 23Earings or shoes.
Nov 25Spelling Bee.
Nov 27Sleepin’ on the job.
Nov 30Flying cars.
Dec 7Red wine.
Dec 10Intercourse: The Game.
Dec 12Unconditional Love-bot.
Dec 14Karma.
Dec 17The drinking game.
Dec 19The last one.
Dec 28Father-in-law.


Jan 2Empty nest.
Jan 6Broken bottle.
Jan 11Herpes.
Jan 13Don’t take this the wrong way.
Jan 14What any good boyfriend would do.
Jan 16Dibs.
Jan 23Genie chronicles. #1
Jan 25Efficiency.
Feb 1A lesson in bulimia.
Feb 2Face the fact.
Feb 3When a man loves a woman.
Feb 8Pot-Luck.
Feb 10Blind date.
Feb 11Good night, my love.
Feb 15Severed head. Pt1 and pt2
Feb 16Please, don’t say it.
Feb 22Marriage and finances.
Feb 23The talk.
Feb 24Strong-Man.
Feb 28Sexist pig.
Mar 1No laughing matter.
Mar 2I can’t let you in.
Mar 8Guest comic by Justin Boyd.
Mar 9Goin’ down.
Mar 17Agent Zero.
Mar 19It’s been almost two years.
Mar 20Am I right?
Mar 22Tech savvy.
Mar 23Man’s best friend.
Mar 24Awesome gift.
Mar 26There’ll be Hell to pay.
Mar 29Dick and Jane.
Mar 30Cheating Ken.
Mar 31Therapy.
Apr 1Gonna be hot.
Apr 2My mythological beast.
Apr 7Pizza.
Apr 8The ghost of Grandma.
Apr 9Suicide mission.
Apr 12Helping Grandma.
Apr 13Divorce sex.
Apr 14Feeding the duck.
Apr 16What? Now?
Apr 19You again?
Apr 20One more moment.
Apr 21Sorry to keep you waiting.
Apr 22F’s in school.
Apr 23Too drunk.
Apr 27Uncle Ted’s coffin.
Apr 29Completed sentence.
Apr 30Palm reading.
May 3Fortune cookie.
May 4Diggin’.
May 6I sure love you.
May 8Words you don’t wanna hear together.
May 10Never got a chance to say goodbye.
May 11Lessons from Grandpa.
May 12Doctor’s orders.
May 14Treasure.
May 17Cindy.
May 19Heartburn.
May 20Cocks.
May 21ExGf.
May 25Life is nothing, but pain.
May 28Beer.
May 31Bong.
Jun 1Get yourself a piece.
Jun 2Maturation program.
Jun 4Moonbrary.
Jun 8Piñata.
Jun 9Your cold.
Jun 10A Father’s Day comic.
Jun 11Magic trash.
Jun 15Sacrifices.
Jun 16Office nude.
Jun 17Cat.
Jun 23Illegal walkin’.
Jun 24Pecks.
Jun 25Crib.
Jun 28Baby names.
Jun 29Divorcing you.
Jun 30Custody.
Jul 2Peeping Tom.
Jul 5Elixir.
Jul 6Hello?
Jul 7The Sword in the Stone.
Jul 9Golfbot4000.
Jul 12Avenge.
Jul 13Surgery.
Jul 14Intent to finish.
Jul 15Balloon magic.
Jul 16Pills.
Jul 19Thievery.
Jul 20Redvines.
Jul 21Embarrassing.
Jul 23No my son!
Jul 27Magic trick.
Jul 29Supportive.
Jul 30When I was your age.
Aug 2Tuition.
Aug 3Coffee.
Aug 5The Equation.
Aug 6Guest Comic by Justin Boyd.
Aug 9Authenticity.
Aug 11Bedtime story.
Aug 12Registered
Aug 13Time capsule.
Aug 16Birthday boy.
Aug 17Poetry.
Aug 19The Magician.
Aug 24Drink and drive.
Aug 27Dangerous.
Aug 30Will you save us?
Aug 31Compu-dad.
Sep 1How do you spell?
Sep 2Won’t stop crying.
Sep 7Undies.
Sep 8Ghost Dad.
Sep 10New Baby.
Sep 13Last visit.
Sep 14Catchin’ fish.
Sep 16Clothes.
Sep 17Besties.
Sep 20PSA.
Sep 27Disappointed.
Sep 29Do it.
Sep 30Toast.
Oct 1Shades.
Oct 4Deserted
Oct 6Porkin
Oct 7So amazing.
Oct 11Hjs
Oct 12Jinkies!
Oct 19Time machine.
Oct 20Science.
Oct 23Homage to Millionaire.
Oct 25Tub of ice cream.
Oct 26Awake.
Oct 29Scared magician.
Nov 2Super Asshole Vs. Kidnappers.
Nov 3Super Asshole saves a kitty..
Nov 4I want a baby.
Nov 5The treasure hunt.
Nov 9A toast.
Nov 10The next level.
Nov 11Genie jam.
Nov 12Blood test.
Nov 15Hide!
Nov 16Breakfast.
Nov 18Vampire.
Nov 22The voodoo you do.
Nov 23Hi, Ted.
Nov 30Snowman.
Dec 2Open casket.
Dec 6A good day.
Dec 7Hmmmmm. . .
Dec 9Gasoline.
Dec 13Safety.
Dec 15Probably actually pretty sweet.
Dec 17Writer’s block.
Dec 21A little chat.
Dec 29A fighter.


Jan 1‘Twas January the First. . .
Jan 3Resolutions.
Jan 4Headlights.
Jan 5Tattoo design.
Jan 6Well because, sweetie. . .
Jan 10Knowledge Shots.
Jan 11The Finster account.
Jan 12Dad, Please. . .
Jan 14Sacrifice.
Jan 17How is that even fair?
Jan 18Sorry to do this to you.
Jan 20It’s illegal.
Jan 25Mmmm, toast.
Jan 26Bowling.
Jan 28Ex Gf.
Feb 1Skydive.
Feb 2What’s wrong?
Feb 7Cereal Inc.
Feb 8Teaching from experience.
Feb 9Why?
Feb 10Permitted.
Feb 12Cupid’s Lament.
Feb 16Interview.
Feb 17Meaningful.
Feb 21Breaking up.
Feb 22Too early.
Feb 23Serious.
Feb 24Peekaboo.
Feb 25Open mic night.
Feb 2825 pounds.
Mar 1Protection.
Mar 4Bashin’.
Mar 7Rainy day games.
Mar 8Do it.
Mar 9Possessed.
Mar 10Head Surgeon.
Mar 14Cut it out.
Mar 15Head start.
Mar 17If I were a rich man.
Mar 18Spiked.
Mar 21Check this out.
Mar 22Coach.
Mar 24God Bless.
Mar 25President Someday.
Mar 28Abra.
Mar 29Strange brew.
Mar 30Straight from the carton.
Apr 1Help.
Apr 4Super Heroes.
Apr 5Company car.
Apr 7Here I am.
Apr 11Came first.
Apr 12Janet.
Apr 14Haunted.
Apr 15Glasses.
Apr 19My charts.
Apr 21Terminal.
Apr 22Nervous.
Apr 25The 6th Plane.
Apr 27Defend the township.
Apr 29Hypnosis.
May 2Ghost comics!
May 4Super Hero Comics!
May 7Cave love.
May 9Kids these days.
May 10Family Trip.
May 11Bingo.
May 12Mr. Cline.
May 13Life’s changes.
May 16On an island.
May 17Pirate Hank!
May 19To success.
May 20Haven’t seen one in years.
May 211 Thessalonians 5:2
May 23Napkin.
May 25At the dentist.
May 30Surprise Date.
Jun 1Birthday Wish.
Jun 3Constellations.
Jun 6Meeting her dad.
Jun 8Not a prank?
Jun 13Digital Painting.
Jun 15What you want.
Jun 16Gardening.
Jun 20More afraid of us.
Jun 22Open relationship.
Jun 23The Creative Process.
Jun 26God bloggin’.
Jun 27With this gun.
Jun 29Funeral.
Jul 1Torch Runner.
Jul 4Baby Meltron.
Jul 7Jealous.
Jul 11Losing a friend.
Jul 13At the altar.
Jul 15Protecto.
Jul 18Swear Jar.
Jul 21At the bar. . .
Jul 27Bungee.
Jul 29Quarters.
Aug 2Rusty.
Aug 524 hours to live.
Aug 8Where’s my pizza?
Aug 10No more kids.
Aug 15Toilet talk.
Aug 18Sun Glasses.
Aug 19Smile.
Aug 22Feel special.
Aug 23Lucky Shirt.
Aug 26Around the corner.
Aug 30Congrats, Dad!
Aug 31Hand Puppet.
Sep 2Growing.
Sep 5Paddle Ball.
Sep 7Natural Disaster.
Sep 12Life and Death.
Sep 13Raise profits.
Sep 14Who am I?
Sep 15Drunk texts.
Sep 16Ow. ow. ow. ow. ow.
Sep 19Death potato.
Sep 20Click.
Sep 21Great Scott!
Sep 22Bed room.
Sep 23Whooooops.
Sep 26Resourceful.
Sep 27My kids.
Sep 29“The Talk”
Sep 30Don’t fear the reaper.
Oct 5Dummy.
Oct 6A toast.
Oct 7Party time.
Oct 10The Belt.
Oct 12Pizza man.
Oct 13Happy Anniversary.
Oct 14Magic wand.
Oct 17GUEST COMIC: Jason Poland
Oct 18B-ball.
Oct 19First sentence.
Oct 21Jumpin’ on the bed.
Oct 24Nightmares.
Oct 26Self-suggestion box.
Oct 28What changed?
Nov 1Yep yep yep.
Nov 2AA meeting.
Nov 4Meds.
Nov 7Got the job.
Nov 8Treasure map.
Nov 10Planes.
Nov 14Clownophile.
Nov 15Feedin’.
Nov 16Voodoo revenge.
Nov 18Proud.
Nov 21Am I invisible to you?
Nov 23Balloons.
Nov 28Doctorate.
Nov 29Wish.
Nov 30Comedian.
Dec 2The Patch.
Dec 5Reading glasses.
Dec 7Bullying.
Dec 8Shooting some oops.
Dec 12Museum.
Dec 13Final trick.
Dec 16A bit, uh. . . .
Dec 19Giraffe.
Dec 22Dad’s shirts.
Dec 25Christmas Hero.
Dec 30Busted.


Jan 2Hypnotized.
Jan 3Loaded.
Jan 5Honk if you like. . .
Jan 11Planes and starships.
Jan 16Vacuuming.
Jan 17Kitty.
Jan 20Sunset.
Jan 26Good news!
Jan 27Lunch with anyone.
Jan 30Rehearsal.
Feb 1Robot.
Feb 3No supper.
Feb 8Surprises.
Feb 10The F-Word.
Feb 13Life’s a dream.
Feb 15Bear in camp.
Feb 20Birdhouse.
Feb 28Bone.
Mar 1Lemonade.
Mar 3Gonna puke.
Mar 6Doctor Doctor.
Mar 9Distant planet.
Mar 13Cap’n Kevin.
Mar 15Sell my soul.
Mar 16Office rivals.
Mar 19Ghost therapy.
Mar 20Ow ow.
Mar 21Surprise!
Mar 22Flare.
Mar 23I got it for you, baby.
Mar 27The dead of night.
Mar 30LOVE.
Apr 4Question for Mom.
Apr 6Toys.
Apr 9Extinction confirmation.
Apr 11Liquid courage.
Apr 13Together forever.
Apr 16Pie!
Apr 18Greg is a Garden Gnome: The Interview
Apr 21Abomination.
Apr 23In the race.
Apr 26Frankie, Nooooooo!
Apr 28How I see the sloth.
May 1Get well.
May 2Two thumbs.
May 4Lazy.
May 9I dunno, Sam.
May 12Single.
May 14calXpel.
May 16Keychains.
May 21Empty Seat.
May 25Mr. Sherman
May 28The Well.
May 30Under the mattress.
Jun 4Party til ya puke.
Jun 8If I don’t survive.
Jun 14Pissed.
Jun 15Potent stuff.
Jun 18Leaving early.
Jun 21Nooooo.
Jun 27Breakfast in bed.
Jun 29Tire changin’.
Jun 30Recycling.
Jul 4Nightmare.
Jul 6Stealing.
Jul 10Spaghett.
Jul 12Mmmmmwah.
Jul 17Kites.
Jul 18Dedication to the craft.
Jul 23High School.
Jul 30An angel after all.
Aug 2Opposite Day.
Aug 6Staring.
Aug 7Porta Problem.
Aug 8Shooting Stars.
Aug 13Magic Marv.
Aug 16Afraid of ghosts.
Aug 17Your fantasy.
Aug 20The first day of school.
Aug 22Measuring cup.
Aug 23Pearly gates.
Aug 24Show and Tell.
Aug 27Appreciating life.
Aug 29Can’t wait!
Sep 4Cut the onions.
Sep 6Birthday party.
Sep 10Desperation.
Sep 11Feeling up.
Sep 12Impressionable.
Sep 13Budbot.
Sep 14Now that we’re married. . .
Sep 17The Craft.
Sep 18The other side.
Sep 21Vacation rewrite.
Sep 27Stake through the heart.
Sep 29Asterisk.
Oct 1Drinkin’ alone.
Oct 4Spider in a jar.
Oct 11Unprepared.
Oct 16Candy.
Oct 22Big.
Oct 24Poison pie.
Oct 26Magnifying glass.
Oct 29One o’ Dad’s pranks.
Oct 31Successful surgery.
Nov 2Life and Death.
Nov 5Vacation home.
Nov 9Custody.
Nov 12Nice to meet you.
Nov 13Don’t have much time.
Nov 16Baby tooth.
Nov 26Peace and Quiet.
Nov 27Veggies.
Nov 29Spider bites.
Nov 30Vows.
Dec 3Gretchen.
Dec 418th Birthday.
Dec 6Ultimatum.
Dec 7Mirror, mirror.
Dec 10Baby Nursery.
Dec 11Sleep walking.
Dec 12Feedin’ Pt2.
Dec 13Finals.
Dec 15White wine.
Dec 17Lost and found.
Dec 19Magic wand.
Dec 20Christmas morning.
Dec 24Scrooged.
Dec 27Meatball.
Dec 28Customer Survey.


Jan 2Resolutions.
Jan 3A poem for you.
Jan 4Not afraid.
Jan 7Off-guard.
Jan 8Baseball.
Jan 9Halo.
Jan 10Judgement.
Jan 11Party foul.
Jan 14The ice.
Jan 15Bad day.
Jan 16Giddy up.
Jan 17Dramatic ironing.
Jan 21A citizen in trouble.
Jan 23Flying.
Jan 24Spinning the globe.
Jan 28Tina.
Jan 29Door to door.
Jan 30Shrooooms.
Jan 31Moon.
Feb 1A cold day. . .
Feb 4A letter.
Feb 5Dream vision.
Feb 6Unkingly.
Feb 8Great grandpa.
Feb 10Relaxing.
Feb 11The proposal.
Feb 12Do just fine.
Feb 13Cupid vs. Hunting.
Feb 14A Valentine for you. . .
Feb 15From the future.
Feb 18Our offer.
Feb 19Rich dad.
Feb 20Trophies.
Feb 22Free-G.
Feb 25If we’re both still single in 20 years. . .
Feb 26Target practice.
Feb 28Goodbye. . .
Mar 6Ok, now. . .
Mar 7All night.
Mar 10All ghosts look the same.
Mar 11In the park.
Mar 12$475.
Mar 14Regrets of people about to die. . .
Mar 16No way, braaaah.
Mar 18Aaaaaaaaah.
Mar 19Whiffles.
Mar 20I wish.
Mar 21Pee.
Mar 22Hangout.
Mar 25Can’t play video games.
Mar 27Yawn
Apr 3Mr. Niceguy
Apr 4Junk mail.
Apr 6Life Drawing.
Apr 8Baby.
Apr 9Nightclub.
Apr 10New hero.
Apr 12Adult things.
Apr 13Family drinking games.
Apr 15Practice.
Apr 16Garbage day.
Apr 24Raking.
Apr 29Sammich.
Apr 30Long distance high-five.
May 1Skydiving.
May 8Last chance.
May 13Ten bucks.
May 14Fine hero.
May 15Asleep yet.
May 16Drug Test.
May 20Typography final.
May 21Charity.
May 22Graduation gift.
May 23Swearing.
May 29Robo-Me.
May 30Gravely Timed.
Jun 1Reps.
Jun 8Life and Death.
Jun 10Aaaaaaaah!
Jun 12IT.
Jun 14Opinion.
Jun 17To Sharie.
Jun 19Kicking.
Jun 25Counseling.
Jun 26Doing ok.
Jun 28Under the mat.
Jul 2Crochet.
Jul 5Poppy corns.
Jul 8More prankin’.
Jul 11Bowling.
Jul 15Note cards.
Jul 16Mascot.
Jul 18It’s not you. . .
Jul 19Habits.
Jul 22Give it to me. . .
Jul 23Winter.
Jul 29Roller coaster.
Aug 1Hot tubbin it.
Aug 4Heroin.
Aug 6Jones Family Reunion.
Aug 7I hate that guy. . .
Aug 8Booooooooring.
Aug 9No. Don’t do it. . .
Aug 14Mind Control.
Aug 19Grave.
Aug 20Half full.
Aug 22Arm wrestle.
Aug 23Names.
Aug 26Pool time.
Aug 29Using.
Aug 30What?
Sep 2Other Guys.
Sep 5Health Shakes.
Sep 12Oh no. . .
Sep 13Spider. . . maaaaaaan.
Oct 1Wifey mifey.
Oct 9Bills in here.
Oct 10Big Mouth.
Oct 14Theater.
Oct 16Bus ride.
Oct 25Pepper Spray.
Oct 31Lonely.
Nov 1Peter.
Nov 7Dynamite.
Nov 19Internet.
Nov 20Fall leaves.
Nov 22Psychic.
Nov 26Quitting.
Nov 28Thankful.
Nov 29Hear me.
Dec 4Necklace.
Dec 5Clone.
Dec 11Bow tie.
Dec 13For sale.
Dec 17So distant.
Dec 20Call me sometime.
Dec 23Fire.
Dec 24The Gift Shaker.
Dec 27Yes.
Dec 30Can’t believe.


Jan 3The five second rule.
Jan 6Resolve.
Jan 8Abducted.
Jan 10Shaving.
Jan 13Keep it warm.
Jan 15Tired.
Jan 17Helps me sleep.
Jan 20Beautiful.
Jan 23Martini.
Jan 28Don’t say it, Doc.
Jan 29Kidnapper.
Jan 31Keys.
Feb 5One more.
Feb 6Daddy’s back.
Feb 11Seventeen years.
Feb 14Valentine themed comic, cuz it’s Valentine’s Day.
Feb 17Shower time.
Feb 19Late delivery.
Feb 21Lost.
Feb 24Uncle Frank.
Feb 25Dirty secrets.
Feb 26Turn on.
Mar 3Jetpack.
Mar 6Questions.
Mar 10The coolest.
Mar 14Mend my broken heart.
Mar 18Plane.
Apr 9Where are you from?
Apr 15Nuh Uh.
Apr 18Spreading ashes.
Apr 21Aura.
Apr 23Anonymous tip.
Apr 28Movie night.
Apr 30Late.
May 2First Date.
May 7Need to be honest.
May 9Movie Night.
May 12I won’t ever get a date.
May 14Raaaawr!
May 17Real super hero.
May 19Skydiving.
May 22Killing ants.
May 23Super boots.
May 27Drunks.
May 29Gonna be up all night.
May 30A great time.
Jun 3Huge.
Jun 5Carla.
Jun 7Littering.
Jun 9What’s wrong?!
Jun 16Fire!
Jun 18Fantasy.
Jun 21Toy Car.
Jun 23Knight.
Jun 25I feel your pain.
Jun 30Ant vs Bee.
Jul 2Not Hell!
Jul 7Text.
Jul 9Heirloom.
Jul 11Last of the coffee.
Jul 14Tattoo.
Jul 21A secret.
Jul 23Dog food and soda.
Jul 28Magic.
Jul 30Robot son.
Aug 2Sidewalk poop.
Aug 5I can’t do this.
Aug 7What was that?
Aug 8Peeping.
Aug 11Stole My Purse.
Aug 13Protection.
Aug 15Closet Ghost.
Aug 19Best friend.
Aug 20Our exit.
Aug 21Could talk.
Aug 22Thank you, Dan.
Aug 25Dating.
Aug 26Old enough for the truth.
Aug 27Interesting Walk.
Aug 28Sexy Gif.
Aug 29Thanks, y-you guys.
Sep 1Scary stories,
Sep 2Running.
Sep 3Glad I’m not you.
Sep 9The Talk.
Sep 10Confident.
Sep 12The elephant in the room.
Sep 15Dreamin’.
Sep 17Will it happen?
Sep 22Without me.
Sep 23Stars.
Sep 25Text.
Sep 29Photoshopped.
Oct 1Something to talk about.
Oct 3Shake and Make Up.
Oct 6Don’t have the guts.
Oct 7I don’t have enough.
Oct 8Totally honest with you.
Oct 9Glad I found you.
Oct 10Lucky Day.
Oct 13Three wishes.
Oct 14Deathbed.
Oct 15Why?!
Oct 16Raking.
Oct 17Fired.
Oct 20Moo.
Oct 21X-Ray.
Oct 22Passing grade.
Oct 24Wingman.
Oct 28Guest comic by Justin Boyd!
Oct 29Guest Comic by Ray and Alex of Buttersafe.
Oct 30Guest Comic by Jason Poland!
Oct 31Guest Comic by Kris Wilson.
Nov 3Box of your stuff.
Nov 4This is horrible.
Nov 5Golf.
Nov 6Excuse me, sir.
Nov 7On the count of three.
Nov 10A little farther.
Nov 11Scratch card.
Nov 12Wrong with you.
Nov 13Truth.
Nov 17I don’t see any food here.
Nov 18Bed time story.
Nov 20Day off.
Nov 214 out of 5 dentists. . .
Nov 24Are you sure?
Nov 25Hold on tight.
Nov 26Door to Door.
Dec 1Smudge.
Dec 3Swing set.
Dec 4What is wrong with you?
Dec 5Meds.
Dec 8Hover Boots.
Dec 9Finals Week.
Dec 11Tooth Fairy.
Dec 15Kicked out.
Dec 18Late!
Dec 23Classic.
Dec 26Tagging.
Dec 29Toast.
Dec 30Ouija.


Jan 2Honey!
Jan 5True Love.
Jan 6Can you say “dada?”
Jan 8YES!
Jan 9Science.
Jan 12Easy.
Jan 13WHOA’s
Jan 14No, Daddy.
Jan 16Lose you.
Jan 19One More.
Jan 20Mommy. . .
Jan 22Heaven.
Jan 23Oh no!
Jan 28Sorry, Roomie.
Jan 29Can’t. . .
Feb 3Don’t look now.
Feb 4Tattoo.
Feb 11Oh thank god.
Feb 14Cut.
Feb 16Aw yes!
Feb 17100 years in the future.
Feb 18Swearing.
Feb 23Did it hurt?
Feb 26Just like we practiced.
Feb 28Remember.
Mar 2Poke holes.
Mar 3It’s not you. . .
Mar 5Destructive.
Mar 9Powers.
Mar 10Burgler’n.
Mar 11Party.
Mar 12Land.
Mar 16Ran out.
Mar 17Little Billy.
Mar 18Hmmmm.
Mar 23Jesus.
Mar 26Butt Muffin.
Mar 28ECCC Convention Sketch.
Mar 31Pull it.
Apr 1Cheer up.
Apr 2Drug talk.
Apr 6Cat.
Apr 8How would you rate me?
Apr 9Lost it.
Apr 10Hold on, man. . .
Apr 14Empty the register.
Apr 15Meh.
Apr 16Spelling?
Apr 17The First.
Apr 20Friends.
Apr 21John.
Apr 22Guess who!
Apr 23High five!
Apr 24Buddy Bear.
Apr 28Abracadabra.
Apr 30Drowning.
May 4Cook for you.
May 5First year of school.
May 7Homework.
May 11Oh Benny…
May 13Check for monsters.
May 18Baboom.
May 19Meds.
May 25Drink.
May 26Yes?
May 28Turtle.
May 29Cold feet.
Jun 1… is killing me.
Jun 11Bible.
Jun 19Medium.
Jun 22Didn’t lie.
Jun 23Sober.
Jun 30Good enough.
Jul 2Myself.
Jul 3Balloons.
Jul 9our initials.
Jul 10Ted.
Jul 13How to…
Jul 17Third eye.
Jul 18Remarkable.
Jul 23Blind date.
Jul 27Mission.
Jul 28Weights.
Jul 30Thinks…
Aug 4Wake up.
Aug 5Painting.
Aug 6Slow.
Aug 12Up here.
Aug 13Bark Bark.
Aug 19I’m sorry.
Aug 24Miracle.
Aug 25Leaving.
Aug 28DUDE!
Aug 31Oh, Christine.
Sep 1Think of you.
Sep 15Mice.
Sep 16Bushes.
Sep 17Wasted.
Sep 21PJs.
Sep 28Honey.
Oct 1When I have kids.
Oct 2Debbie.
Oct 7Blind.
Oct 11Lesson.
Oct 12Nanny-Bot.
Oct 14Trick-or-treat.
Oct 20Last.
Oct 21Late.
Oct 22Aaaaaaaaah!
Oct 27Baby poop.
Nov 2Clocks.
Nov 3Last will.
Nov 4Bartender.
Nov 5What Happened?
Nov 9Private.
Nov 16Stuck.
Nov 19For a moment.
Nov 24Aw perfect!
Nov 25Tell me.
Dec 1Father of the year.
Dec 2Final.
Dec 3Rid this city.
Dec 4The Truth – Short
Dec 7Deep.
Dec 10Doctor.
Dec 11Relax.
Dec 14Excuse me.
Dec 23World’s…
Dec 28Tina.
Dec 29Wait!!!!
Dec 30Happy Ending.
Dec 31Suit.


Jan 2I.T. Dracula
Jan 3Flowers.
Jan 4One-Two.
Jan 5Dress for success.
Jan 11Gravity of the situation.
Jan 12Magazines.
Jan 13Anti-depressant.
Jan 14Your age.
Jan 18The kids.
Jan 19Representation.
Jan 20Rorschach.
Jan 22Glasses.
Jan 25Pick Me Up.
Jan 26Sentences.
Jan 27Outside.
Feb 1I.T. Dracula 2.
Feb 2Which one?!
Feb 3The night I had.
Feb 4Robot Me.
Feb 5Have a cigar.
Feb 8Smell funny.
Feb 9Cat names.
Feb 10With you.
Feb 15Mattered so much to you.
Feb 16Scare you off.
Feb 17Honest.
Feb 19Admit something.
Feb 22My first day.
Feb 24A couple of vials
Feb 29Anniversary.
Mar 1I made it.
Mar 2Reflection.
Mar 4No…. NO!
Mar 7Buster.
Mar 8Years ago.
Mar 9Election.
Mar 10Lost a friend.
Mar 14This fantasy.
Mar 16Yours.
Mar 17Falling star.
Mar 21Numb face.
Mar 22Birthday wish.
Mar 23It’s not…
Mar 24Katrina.
Mar 28Sure got quiet.
Mar 29Take care.
Mar 30Haunted.
Mar 31Time keeps on slippin.
Apr 1Fools.
Apr 4That way…
Apr 5If you tell…
Apr 7Can’t…
Apr 12Tall man.
Apr 14Dumb.
Apr 19Gates.
Apr 21Legal.
Apr 26Beg.
May 2Selfie.
May 3Brave.
May 4Broke.
May 6On the Loose.
May 10Talkative.
May 11Honey?
May 12Burrito.
May 13Something you need to tell me…
May 16Balloon.
May 17Lost my job.
May 18Drunk Guy.
May 20End this.
May 27Donor.
May 31Exorcise.
Jun 1Did you forget?
Jun 2Pro-tip.
Jun 3I’m a super hero.
Jun 6Anthony.
Jun 7Aw man…
Jun 9Lucid.
Jun 13Oh no. . .
Jun 14Put him down.
Jun 15Latte.
Jun 16Going to Hell!
Jun 17Aw man…
Jun 21Help, Daddy.
Jun 25The Incident.
Jun 27Season Finale.
Jun 29Dating.
Jul 1Guess what…
Jul 5What about you?
Jul 6Fast food.
Jul 8What the hell?!
Jul 11Wrong man.
Jul 13Not today.
Jul 14Forgive me.
Jul 19The moon, dude.
Jul 21I can’t believe.
Jul 25Bright side.
Jul 29Fortune.
Jul 31Worst.
Aug 1Short: Vacation
Aug 3Flowers.
Aug 5In a Cast.
Aug 8Large Feet.
Aug 10I’m Dying.
Aug 12Eyepatch.
Aug 15Short: Hypnotist
Aug 23My heart says…
Aug 25Trouble.
Aug 26Stuck.
Aug 30Short: Last Request
Sep 5Honest dad.
Sep 7Grace.
Sep 9Life sucks.
Sep 12Short: SuperJeff Saves the Day
Sep 13The date.
Sep 14Oh god no!
Sep 19Flying.
Sep 21Camping.
Sep 27Short: Bullies
Oct 3Holding you.
Oct 6Milk.
Oct 10Friends.
Oct 12Example.
Oct 15Short: Genie
Oct 18Today.
Oct 24Short: Frankie
Oct 25WHAT?!
Oct 27A fresh start.
Oct 28Magician now.
Oct 31Damn.
Nov 7But, Dad….
Nov 8Short: Big
Nov 9Real.
Nov 11Fav.
Nov 17Family Dog.
Nov 22Short: Braaaaad
Nov 253:30 am
Nov 29Guess what!
Dec 6Compilation PLUS! 01 – Octo’s New Hat
Dec 8One Night.
Dec 14Shortie Shorts #1
Dec 15Heartache.
Dec 17Donate.
Dec 19Short: Morning Coffee
Dec 20Bigfoot.
Dec 22Happy birthday.


Jan 7Diet.
Jan 9Last slice.
Jan 16Short: CharmO Reacts!
Jan 17Pockets
Jan 18Don’t embarrass me.
Jan 20Invisibility.
Jan 22No!
Jan 23Resolution.
Jan 30Shortie Shorts Part 3!
Feb 2Got fat.
Feb 9Valentine.
Feb 14Valentine Short.
Feb 15Dragon!
Feb 17This morning.
Feb 20Rich.
Feb 22Teach you…
Feb 27Thanks!
Feb 28Crosswalk.
Mar 1Sorry, kids.
Mar 2Diagnosis.
Mar 3SEE?!
Mar 6Heat.
Mar 8Burnt.
Mar 13Big time.
Mar 14Suit.
Mar 15Bill.
Mar 16Foreclosed.
Mar 17Hey, sexy lady.
Mar 20My advice…
Mar 21My family…
Mar 23Not the same.
Mar 27Dinner’s cold. . .
Mar 28Is this your card?
Mar 29House to myself…
Mar 30Huge fans.
Mar 31Safe now.
Apr 3Not himself.
Apr 4Missed alarm.
Apr 10Whoa…
Apr 11You remembered.
Apr 12Evidence.
Apr 13Will you?
Apr 18How could you?!
Apr 19You guys!
Apr 21A tip.
Apr 24Sword.
Apr 25No way, man.
Apr 26Aren’t Leaving.
Apr 29I quit.
May 2Texts.
May 8Safe now.
May 10Oh yes!
May 11Early.
May 15Recipe.
May 18Clown joke.
May 23Dishes.
May 24Discovery.
May 25Knock.
May 26Exercise.
May 29Positive.
May 30Kitty.
Jun 5A toast.
Jun 6Cloud.
Jun 7Dads.
Jun 8Help!
Jun 9Meds.
Jun 12Mid-run.
Jun 13Disturbance.
Jun 14Aw man.
Jun 15New cast.
Jun 19Popcorn.
Jun 20Plug it.
Jun 22Freddy.
Jun 23I voted.
Jun 26First Day.
Jun 27A person. . .
Jun 28What movie…
Jul 4The Talk.
Jul 5Moving.
Jul 6Check it out!
Jul 710th Anniversary.
Jul 11Papers.
Jul 12AAAH!
Jul 13Cheer up.
Jul 14Dude.
Jul 17Aw man.
Jul 18Latte.
Jul 19Flute of Destiny.
Jul 21Whiskey.
Jul 31Check my room.
Aug 2Turns out…
Aug 3Hello.
Aug 4Mom. Dad…
Aug 7Roomies!
Aug 9Say Hello.
Aug 10Help.
Aug 11Spirit animal.
Aug 14Ducks.
Aug 15Coffee.
Aug 16Puke.
Aug 17Hey look.
Aug 18You look tired.
Aug 21Drink.
Aug 28Cat.
Sep 5Heaven.
Sep 6SMRTbot.
Sep 7Death.
Sep 8Hypnotize.
Sep 11Short – Deadline
Sep 12Wine.
Sep 13Cave drawings.
Sep 14Autumn.
Sep 15Wait wait.
Sep 18Honest.
Sep 19Wizbirds.
Sep 25SHORT – Spaghetti
Sep 26Love.
Sep 27Respond.
Sep 28Hide.
Sep 29Too Late.
Oct 2Love of my life.
Oct 3Working late.
Oct 9Shortie Shorts 6.
Oct 11Friends.
Oct 13Bears.
Oct 23Short: Breakfast
Oct 24Time of year.
Oct 26So…
Oct 27The back.
Oct 30Brownie.
Oct 31Halloween.
Nov 1Candy.
Nov 2I got.
Nov 6Short: Tyler
Nov 7Trick.
Nov 10Who I am.
Nov 13Pssh.
Nov 20SHORT: Thankful
Nov 29After.
Nov 30Dark.
Dec 4SHORT: Misconduct
Dec 5Digging.
Dec 6Single.
Dec 7Abracadabra.
Dec 8Meet.
Dec 11Line.
Dec 12Good to see you.
Dec 13Everything sounds norm….
Dec 14Stargazing.
Dec 18SHORT: More Christmas
Dec 19Santa’s lap.
Dec 20To the left.
Dec 21Cool ghost.
Dec 26Hate.
Dec 27Ma’am, do you…
Dec 29List.


Jan 2An entire cake.
Jan 3Empty.
Jan 4Coffee.
Jan 5Door mat.
Jan 9SHORTS Compilation #2
Jan 10Lucky.
Jan 11Ants.
Jan 15Compilation 3
Jan 16Names.
Jan 17Yes Yes Yes.
Jan 18Haunted.
Jan 19Monster.
Jan 22Therapy.
Jan 23Shave.
Jan 24January.
Jan 25Drink.
Jan 29T.V.
Jan 30Shorts Compilation 4
Feb 1Judy left.
Feb 2Dating.
Feb 6Caught it!
Feb 7Late!
Feb 12Short: Surgery
Feb 13Dollar.
Feb 15Sucks.
Feb 16Abracadabra.
Feb 19Dirty.
Feb 20Universe.
Feb 22Bedtime.
Feb 26Short: Kids
Feb 27Rain.
Feb 28Feelings.
Mar 3Aaaaah.
Mar 5Sheets.
Mar 6Wheel.
Mar 7Hands.
Mar 8New boyfriend.
Mar 9I Awoke.
Mar 12Smell.
Mar 13Bacon.
Mar 14Wish.
Mar 15Quit.
Mar 16Toaster-Ghost.
Mar 19Cut back.
Mar 20Mirror.
Mar 21Up.
Mar 22Writings.
Mar 23Shirtless guy.
Mar 26Daddy.
Mar 28Wasting.
Mar 30Serious.
Apr 2Spring.
Apr 5Friend-Bot.
Apr 6Asteroid.
Apr 10Old.
Apr 17Blind date.
May 4Wore it…
May 8Christian Pirate.
Jul 2Movin’ out.
Jul 10Wizard hat.
Jul 19Drunk.
Jul 26Pasta.
Jul 30Hey, kids!
Jul 31Hole.
Aug 1Homework.
Aug 6Not ready.
Aug 7Goddamn Show.
Aug 9Protect you.
Aug 13Joggin’.
Aug 15Pssh.
Aug 17Glove.
Aug 20Have this.
Aug 22Sick.
Aug 24Jeffs.
Aug 27Tall.
Aug 29Black Hole.
Aug 30Early.
Aug 31Channelate Patreon Page and Posting Schedule Update.
Sep 3Baby.
Sep 5Clay helps.
Sep 7Tom Collins.
Sep 10Sugar.
Sep 12Something.
Sep 14Obvious.
Sep 17Dead.
Sep 19Summer.
Sep 21Surgery.
Sep 24Love note.
Sep 26Key bowl.
Sep 28Broke things off.
Oct 1Believe.
Oct 3Cloud.
Oct 5Lonely.
Oct 8Whaddya mean?
Oct 10Be nice.
Oct 12Love.
Oct 15In line.
Oct 17The Self-Employment Chronicles.
Oct 19Costume.
Oct 22B-ball.
Oct 25Grandpa.
Oct 26Trick or Treat.
Oct 30Can’t Tell.
Oct 31Wish.
Nov 2Popcorn.
Nov 5Brush ’em.
Nov 7Coffee.
Nov 9Deb.
Nov 12Hate.
Nov 14Band-aid.
Nov 16Brownies.
Nov 19Hear me out.
Nov 20Awake.
Nov 23Hyper.
Nov 27Therapy.
Dec 18Mike.


Feb 13Conserve.
Feb 14Alone.
Feb 17Nightmare.
Feb 19Hello.
Feb 21Snake Bite.
Feb 24Aauugh.
Feb 26Best Years.
Feb 28Sleepy.
Mar 2List.
Mar 4Fan.
Mar 6Quack.
Mar 9Pizza.
Mar 13Dinner.
Mar 16Taco.
Mar 18Magic.
Mar 19Venom.
Mar 20Drive.
Mar 23Pineapple.
Mar 25Social Distancing.
Mar 26Any Interaction.
Mar 27Dead.
Mar 30Grammar.
Mar 31Mistake.
Apr 2Dolly.
Apr 3Bully.
Apr 6A beer.
Apr 8The booze talking.
Apr 10Friday.
Apr 14Thankful.
Apr 15Weird.
Apr 17Secret.
Apr 20School.
Apr 23Bird.
Apr 27Self-Talk.
Apr 28Boat.
Apr 29Can’t sleep.
May 1Onions.
May 1Happiness.
May 5Knock Knock
May 6Charming
May 8Birthday Wish
May 10Ghosts.
May 11Dick pic.
May 14Alive
May 17Wish.
May 20Oh no.
May 21Garlic Breath
May 24Neighbors
May 25Out of bed
May 28I’ll Take One
Jun 136
Jun 2Tall
Jun 4Made it.
Jun 5Santa
Jun 9Nice Shirt
Jun 11Where’s the report?
Jun 15Ron.
Jun 17Motivation.
Jun 22Pancakes
Jun 25Sad
Jun 28Not tonight.
Jul 1Tooth
Jul 4Babies
Jul 6Hero
Jul 7Zombivert
Jul 9Thongue
Jul 13Lesson Learned
Jul 16Freeze
Jul 17Cry.
Jul 22Reach
Jul 24Wise
Jul 28A Month
Jul 30Mike
Aug 4Muggin’
Aug 6Web
Aug 8Fun Fact
Aug 12Don’t Look
Aug 29Suck At This
Sep 1Dead Plant
Sep 2Borrow
Sep 11Hmmmmmmm…
Sep 29Koala
Oct 6Scotch.
Oct 13Bedtime Story
Oct 21Christmas
Oct 29Oh No
Nov 4Not Ready
Nov 16I did it
Nov 18Secret
Nov 28Wow…
Nov 30Bored
Dec 2Happiest
Dec 14Sore neck
Dec 15Huh… Whu…
Dec 28Believe
Dec 29Story Time
Dec 30Never Come Back


Jan 11Bear Attack
Jan 14Puke
Jan 26Brenda
Jan 27Water
Jan 28Bruh
Jan 29Funny Question
Feb 2Attachment
Feb 2Sign Your Name
Feb 4Good To Be Alive
Feb 9Can’t Believe You
Feb 10Pizza
Feb 12Stretch
Feb 15Translator
Feb 17Pretty Good
Feb 18Stray Cat
Feb 19Advice
Feb 22Business
Feb 24Celebs
Feb 25Questions, sir?
Feb 27Weakness
Mar 2Pet UR Dog
Mar 3Great Day
Mar 5Painting
Mar 7Wish
Mar 13On the Job
Mar 15Uuuuuugh
Mar 16So Easy
Mar 17Vaccinated
Mar 19Alarm
Mar 22Cookie
Mar 23Sweets
Mar 26Poison
Mar 30Kink
Mar 31lil Ghost
Apr 2Jugglin
Apr 5Wishes
Apr 6Robot
Apr 8Wish
Apr 14Wings
Jul 19Tea Time
Jul 21Kill
Jul 23Kevin
Jul 27Jesus
Jul 28Castle
Aug 1Bunny
Aug 18Fish
Sep 1Your Secret
Oct 11Insides
Oct 15Seeds
Oct 20Tardigrades
Oct 21Other People
Oct 25Lil Ghost
Oct 30Shooting Star
Nov 1Birds Pt.1
Nov 16Disturbing
Nov 23Latte
Nov 30Older
Dec 1haha


Jan 21Sentient
Jan 22Roy
Jan 31Coffee
Feb 2Ice Cream
Feb 4Seeing Each Other
Feb 18Name
Feb 23Flower
Feb 26Sandwich
Feb 28Roses
Mar 5Crime
Mar 8Farted
Mar 12Curse Thee