Soooooooooo. Just wanted to say that starting Monday I’m going to be updating channelate on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

I’ve never had a declared posting schedule, but it was an unspoken new year’s resolution of mine to post five times a week. It’s been a great exercise in doing comics super often, but with my day job and other projects, its been really hard to keep up.

That being said, every day I get closer and closer to making this comic a full time thing. And I think posting three solid comics a week will help get there by keeping the quality where I think it should be. Maybe when the time comes that I get to do this full time, I will ramp back up to five.

Also, there are a handful of other projects I work on every night that never get seen because I don’t have the time for full on production. I just figure if I keep preparing things and doing as much pre-production as I can now, I can hit the ground running when this is my job. If I have any teasers or other things that I can justify putting out early, I will. Cuz it kills me how much work I have been doing that nobody is seeing.