So, I took down today’s strip because of an email I received from an offended reader. And if the strip offended you too, I apologize. The joke in the strip wasn’t meant to poke fun at that community, rather the joke was meant to be in the misdirection of the reader. Leading the reader to believe the guy in the strip was giving a Mothers’ Day gift to his step mom, when it turned out to be his male to female transgender father. (in case you hadn’t read it) The female character was drawn the same as I always draw moms in my comic and there was no negative commentary. I assumed that anyone, including someone transgender, would find a laugh in my lighthearted joke. I’m still debating having it up in the channelate archives, but if it was offensive to the majority, I will leave it off. If you have your own thoughts on this, I’d love to read them in the comments section.