Sooooo, got some good news for you, if you’re someone who enjoys these comics that I make. As of today, this very day right here that we’re in, I will be doing Channelate full time. That means more comics, more content and soon, an actual store with actual stuff ! This means that along with more comics, I will also get back to posting warm up comics and other “behind the scenes” types of things.  I also plan to get back to doing animated content, which has always been my passion, it’s just a passion you gotsta have plenty of time for. (which I now will have)

Gotta say, thank you so much for reading my comics, for this wouldn’t be possible with out you doing that very thing. And if you’d like to help in the free’est way possible, please tell your friends about Channelate! I bet they’ll effin love it!

If you’re interested in following along for updates and stuff, here’s where I am: