The lack of comics so far this week is due to me recording a song for the Song Fu competition held on

The prompt for the first round was “bioluminescence” and here is my submission below.  If you want to hear more of the entries, check out this link to the Song Fu forum.

Nothing Can Glow Forever by RyanHudson 


Well you were flying
The kids chased you with a net
Cuz you were glowing
The brightest bug they’d ever met
You were determined
Evasive with a stroke of luck
Til you wound up on the windshield of a truck
Til you wound up on the windshield of a truck

Cuz nothing can glow forever
Every light goes out before long
You thought you’d be worse off in a net,
but you were wrong

Nothing can glow forever
It’s foolish to believe otherwise
A firefly looks like any other bug when it dies

So, I tell them
I’ve caught a glow worm in a jar
I will be cool now
Cuz It’s the brightest one by far
And then I show them
It doesn’t glow like it once did
Cuz I forgot to poke holes in the lid
Cuz I forgot to poke holes in the lid

Nothing will glow forever
To say the opposite would be untrue
If you don’t take proper precaution
Some bug will make a liar out of you

Nothing can glow forever
it could last a billion years or so
Every time you look at the sky
Know that someday every last star will explode
Every last star will explode

Now if you’re jealous
Of bioluminescent bugs
I must inform you
They only live a couple months
That’s if they’re lucky
And they aren’t trapped inside a jar
Or plastered to the headlight of a car
Or going super nova like a star