Vee and I have lived in Utah for our whole lives, but neither of us had ever been to the Sundance film festival despite living 20 minutes away from it. It seems like every year I’ve thought  “eh, I’ll get around to it next year”.  Well, we finally got up there this year, because Vee’s favorite podcast, Comedy Bang Bang, was recording a live show at a bar on Main St. (freeeee booooooze) We assumed we’d step around every corner and run into a celebrity, but the only famous people we saw were at the comedy show.  I did think I saw Chloe Sevigny wearing sunglasses at a shuttle stop, but I couldn’t be sure. So I’m glad I didn’t walk up to her and say, “Hey! I loved you in that movie where you blew that dude and it was totally for reals and stuff!”. I guess even if it was her, that wouldn’t have flown well. Anyway, Comedy Bang Bang was awesome. Paul Sheer was on it as well as three actor/directors who’s films were playing. Twas some funny shit. Call Chelsea Peretti recorded a show just before CBB. It was pretty funny. I had never heard of Chelsea before the show. She had Hannibal Buress on her show and after ward we chatted with the two of them for a little bit and got a picture with them.
I’m glad we finally got up to Park City for the fest even tho so far we haven’t actually participated in the film part. Tonight we’re going to a screening of “In a World” which we actually found out about on the podcast Professor Blast Off. So I guess podcasts are what really got us out the fest this year. Whoa man, did not mean to type so much TR/DL material up in here.