Hey, duuuuuudes. I’ve updated the rewards you can get for becoming a Channelate Patron. I would be pleased as tits if you’d check out this video I put together and then head over to the Patreon Page. I think you’ll dig it.

I also wanted to let you know that Channelate is now on an official Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule. Something I can maintain, while also working freelance projects to keep the lights on. You MIGHT have noticed that the comic stopped updating for a couple months earlier this Summer. I worked on a big freelance project that took up a lot of time, but paid my bills. I have been stoked to be back into Channelate full swing, but I don’t want to have an erratic post schedule anymore. If comic income grows in the future, I would love to get up to weekdaily and even daily, but for now, MWF fits into my freelancing schedule niiiicely.

Seriously, thank you for reading my comics and thank you to everyone who has supported my comics over the years, whether monetarily or by showing my comics to a friend. Y’alls are the best.