So I reposted today’s comic with the old bonus as the fourth panel. I actually had this version drawn and ready to go, but went with the three panel version after showing both versions to a focus group of friends who all but one voted for the three panel version. The four panel was my fav, but I tend to overthink all my jokes and need an outside perspective.

One of the most frustrating things about doing the bonus panels is that if the bonus seems funnier than the comic, I get comments that tell me I’m saving the punchline for the bonus, which is NOT what I am doing. When the bonus panel is less funny than the comic I get comments about how my bonus panel sucks. It feels very much like I can’t win and it makes me wish I never did them in the first place.

With today’s comic, I wrote the bonus panel and actually predicted that people would find it to be the real punchline so I made the two versions to ask around. I also thought it ruined the charm of the original three panel version to add it at the end as a fourth, but again I felt like I was over thinking it.

I have no idea how to go forward with bonus panels pleasing everyone, so I guess I will keep going with my gut. But DAMN son, it gets tiresome.