Sorry about the lack of new comics lately. I’m having too good a time story boarding stuff for The Cyanide and Happiness Show and the new weekly shorts. so much fun in fact, the latest short that was released today is one that I did the animatic (animated storyboard) for! Go watch the shit out of that!

Today’s comic is actually one of the Inebriated Super Hero prints that we had for sale at the Salt Lake Comic Con over the weekend. The show was amazing. Being a local one, I got to reconnect with a bunch of great people I worked with in the local video game industry years ago.  Also got to meet a bunch of Channelate readers. I think I met more Channelate readers at this show than at ECCC, which kinda blew my mind, cuz Seattle is huge compared to Salt Lake.  Anyway, killer show.

Shout out goes to Brian King of Mayo King Comics who brainstormed with me at 4am a couple weeks ago to come up with the inebriated super hero jokes for the prints.