I hadn’t posted any comics in a couple of weeks due to some very time consuming freelance animation work, but I really wanted to start posting regularly again, despite my erratic schedule. Well, I had the idea for April 30th comic and I had just finished a good bulk of my freelance stuff so I decided to draw and post it, even if it was after 3 am. I really hadn’t had much sleep the night before and I was really fucking tired. So there I was with my head bobbing, trying to draw and keep control of my eyes. I think I fell asleep a good 5 times while drawing. When I finally finished, I uploaded it and went to crash in bed. When I got to my day job I checked the site to make sure the comic uploaded ok and I could not stop laughing at how shitty the drawing is! I mean, I know the art of the comic isn’t great normally, but I have sort of started to stick to a style. The best part is how the girl’s eyes are different in each panel. I thought about re-drawing it and removing the crappy version, but my wife said I should keep it up there. If anything, it is going to be a reminder to me that I need more sleep. I do like the joke in the comic, though. At least I got that part right.